How Interior Decoration Trends Are Changing in Today’s World?

From a place of work to a place of the rest and relaxation, a space can mean different things to different people. The interiors are what set the tone. In recent times, there has been a major shift in attitude towards living and working spaces. The best office interior fit-out companies in India will tell you that interior decoration trends have seen a huge metamorphosis. 

But why the shift in attitude? There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons have to be the fact that interiors affect physical well-being and mental health. Today, we have scientific evidence that our living and workspaces play a huge role in our health. So, the modern interior decoration trends are reflecting this. 

We spend most of our time indoors, so these spaces must make us feel healthy, happy, and relaxed. So, here’s a look at how modern offices is incorporating the latest interior decoration trends

Office Spaces – Gone are the days when employees felt like workers bees on assembly lines. Modern offices today allow employees to make their workspace a more personalised space. But here lies the brilliance of modern decor. Despite employees making their space personalised, the office space still retains a uniform design and functionalities. 

As humans, we are drawn to nature and daylight; effective day lighting strategies are becoming almost mandatory. Utilizing smart lighting solutions to complement natural light and also thinking creatively about how any outdoor or rooftop spaces can be made usable can have a major impact.

Meeting Room – This is the room where all the important discussions and decisions are taken, so this space needs to reflect strong energy. Those days of meeting rooms packed with long tables and a foreboding feeling aren’t significant today.

Today’s meeting room is a place that invokes new ideas and fresh thoughts. It’s a place of equals to meet, discuss, connect, and debate. Therefore, modern trends suggest the space to be open yet intimate, elaborate yet minimalistic and equipped with technology for visual presentations and communication. Today, Special office interior decorators in Bangalore are involved to plan LED video walls, interactive whiteboards, clear acoustics, and customised conference rooms.

Cafeteria – Previously, cafeterias were places to eat, drink, and move along. Today’s cafeterias are a place to unwind, ideate, and even work. Yes, modern trends have redefined cafeterias to become one of the liveliest of places where people meet, greet, have a good time, and even get work done.

The coffee mugs have gotten bigger and the tables smaller, for a more intimate feel. Smaller seating tables and shelves of books, bench-like seating, poufs, barn-like strings of bulbs, can be best described as an eclectic mix of various styles.

The Break Room – This is one of the most important rooms in the modern office. The break rooms today are packed with games like foosball, air hockey, darts, carrom, game boys, video games, and board games. It truly is a remarkable space that allows employees to de-stress.

The games themselves are the decor of the room. The colour schemes have to match the games. You can even go with murals and artwork from the games. Seating is mostly low-height sofas and bean bags. Fun should be in the atmosphere of this room.    

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