How Should Vaastu and Interior Decoration Integrate With Each Other

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Vaastu is important, especially in a country like India where there is a fine balance between ancient knowledge and traditions and modern science. Vaastu shastra has been around for close to 5000 years and is still relevant. It not only covers construction and design elements, but also interiors. Ask the best interior decorators in India, and they will tell you that their clients are now awake to the importance and benefits of Vaastu and want their homes and offices to have Vaastu compliant interiors.

Therein lies the challenge – Seamlessly integrating Vaastu and interior decoration. 

Today, everyone wants their property to be unique, different, brilliant. Vaastu shastra gives that additional stroke of brilliance to the interiors. And of course, it is regarded as a science that can do wonders to your property, and personal & professional life. Therefore, modern interior decorators need to integrate Vaastu and interior decoration.  

Integrating Vaastu & Interior Decorations

  • The Right Theme – Interiors are always based on a particular theme. Vaastu has many concepts that can be used as themes for interior decor. Earth, fire, wind, water, and space, can be used as the central theme to decorate your home or office space. Along with colours, you can also get decor items that represent these elements. The best turnkey contractors in India can help you get every aspect of the interiors according to the Vaastu concept that suits you. 
  • The Right Colours – Colour is an important element in interiors and also plays an important role in Vaastu. From creating positive energies to even promoting health, healing and prosperity, just a simple thing like colours can make a world of difference to your space. So, after selecting Vaastu compliant colours, the principles of interiors allow you to play with textures and designs to give your space a modern and unique look. 
  • The Right Furniture – In interiors, furniture comes under form. Now in Vaastu, you may be under the impression that Vaastu is only limited to directing the placement of furniture. However, Vaastu concepts can also be applied to the size, shapes, and material used to create the furniture. One of the best features of modern furniture is that it can be heavily customised. So, applying Vaastu concepts and the interior theme, furniture can be created that has the right balance of Vaastu and form. 
  • The Right Light – While interior decoration is mostly about having the right amount of light, Vaastu concerns itself with the source of the light. Natural light is preferred and using smart interior concepts, you can light your home with the perfect blend of artificial and natural light sources. 
  • The Right Lining – The use of lines in interior decoration creates an atmosphere for the room. Horizontal lines make one feel secure, while vertical lines are expressive. Regarding this element, Vaastu can help you figure out which space needs what lines. Vaastu is an amazing science when it comes to placement, so the effectiveness of the lines can be further enhanced.  
  • The Right Space – In interior decoration, space is viewed as 2D and 3D, and in Vaastu, space is viewed as a whole (2D + 3D). So, there is already seamless integration between Vaastu and interior decoration. Both concepts agree that space needs to be utilised optimally, and should have a character and feel of its own. 

Through these methods, you can strike a balance between Vaastu and interior decoration.

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