Why The Combination Of The Right Colours Is Important In Interior Decoration?

Do you remember being awestruck by the aesthetic of a place you visited?

Typically what is assumed to catch your attention is the elements of the place, such as wallpaper, curtain, decor, or the artefacts placed. As per a certain study, what really attracts your senses, is the colour combination. 

So, the next time you choose the colours of your restaurant décor or hospital interior décor, here’s what you should know about the combination of the right colours. In this post, we’ll help you understand the colour theory basics that you should know. 

Colour combination for Restaurant interior décor

It’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests while they eat at your restaurant. It’s equally essential to think about the concept and the ambience you want to create for customers. As known restaurant decorators in Bangalore, we’ll guide you into choosing the right colours for your restaurant.

  • The best colours

Colours such as reds, yellows, green and orange increase a person’s appetite. Red is known for creating a rich environment for diners and increasing impulse eating. Softened earth tones such as terracotta orange, Tuscan yellow, and deep garnet red are the ideal combinations. Our goal is to design a combination of colours for your hotel establishment, using a brighter shade of any of these colours that can encourage customers to visit your restaurant often.

  • Neutral colours that work

Neutral colours like black, white, beige, grey, and brown are great colours to incorporate into a restaurant’s decor. Black and dark brown denote sophistication, an ideal colour theme for a fine dining restaurant. White denotes cleanliness and uniformity. Shades of beige, grey, and brown are ideal for creating a friendly environment that helps your establishment’s food and service to stand out.

  • Textile and elements

It’s not just the colours that make or break the look of your restaurant. It’s the textures and elements that play an important role as well. Adding texture to your restaurant’s decor helps in creating a welcoming ambience for customers. Light grey walls paired with dark wood furniture and muted lighting, or earthy brown with copper metal tabletops and green velvet chairs, create a welcoming atmosphere to diners.

Color combination for Hospital interior décor

The healthcare environment must have a healing vibe for the sick and injured. Thus, here too, the choice of colour matters for both patients and healthcare personnel. The healthcare environment must have a healing vibe for the sick and injured. Thus, here too, the choice of colour matters for both patients and healthcare personnel. As the leading Healthcare interior decorators, we help you select the colour that can maximize comfort for patients.

  • Neutral palettes

Patients generally prefer lighter hues-from the ceilings and floors to the furniture and linens. Neutral palettes work best for patient rooms, while shades with contrasting colours must be avoided. Light lavender, muted blue and yellow, with the use of warm white hues are considered the best colours to use.

  • Employee spaces

Healthcare professionals need places to rest and recharge. Brightly lit rooms with stronger colour palettes are great for a quick break. Darker break rooms with soft lighting are preferred to rest for longer periods. 

  • Colour psychology

Natural colours, such as blue, green or brown, are considered calming. Red is a stimulating colour, and it’s best to avoid it if you treat neurological conditions or patients suffering from ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorder. As hospital interior decorators in India, we highly consider the psychological factors of colours while planning for the establishment’s decor.

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