"As all little things matter, ever known how flooring makes a vast difference in the room.

Not only floors have their own reflection, but it reflects the natural light breaking through the windows and doors or the exotic chandeliers hanging off the wall.

Marble floorings have a long history, way back to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian period, from royal white marbles to vibrant colourful designed pieces. The beauty is simply mesmerizing.

The classic wooden floors have always been in fashion, mostly from the colonial period, it is hard to choose from the variety of choices out in the market now. It is hard but not impossible.

If we really want an ancient touch to your place, bricking is one of the best suitable options.

These are a few amazing options among those that one could opt for, but it does not stop here. There is so much more to explore and experiment like the Granite flooring, Antiskid flooring, Ceramic tile flooring, Vitrified tile flooring, sports vinyl flooring, Quartz flooring and so on and so forth.

Vaibhav Team suggests and offers best flooring choices to their clients, for their spaces, which not only offer comfort and style but also assure durability at the best prices."