Ceilings are simple but what if one gets creative.

Ceilings can make a remarkable difference in the attractiveness of your office or home or for that matter, any other space. It is very typical of the white ceilings, so why not try false ceilings, or suspended ceilings below the main ceiling. However, it is not just the decorative factor that is of significance with false ceilings as it effectively hides the clutter of AC ducts, pipes, electrical wirings, cables, and beams, making everything seem effortlessly neat.

Vaibhav’s team is well experienced in executing numerous types of ceiling, starting from:

  • Conventional ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Tray ceiling
  • Coffered ceiling
  • Cathedral ceiling

It is up to the clients’ requirements and taste to choose from the wide range of ceilings, such that it significantly brings a difference to the space.

The reflected ceiling plan (RCP) is an important plan in designing and decorating, as it depicts the dimensions, materials, and other key information about the ceiling of each of the rooms represented as a blueprint, enabling the client to make a wise and informed decision.